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We understand the fast pace of clinical development is helping improve care, but it also introduces multiplicity of medical technology that are complex to manage, operate, and maintain.

Our technical training programs fill the gap that healthcare providers face in adapting new technology, We help you not only keep your health workforce trained on operating and maintaining medical technology, but also, maintaining a training records of their trainings.

0ur Virtual and Classroom training programs developed and delivered to cover the majority of medical technology. Example of these medical technologies :

  • Patient monitors, examination tables, examination light, weighing scales, diagnostic sets, Patient beds, defibrillator, infant warmers, feeding pumps, Hearing screening, ENT station, etc.

  • Technical training Courses for specific modalities delivered by Manufacturers tailored in accordance to FLOW assessment studies.

Technical Training

Despite the fast innovation in medical technology, we are still behind in leveraging what this technology is providing to health services. In addition to the overlook benefits of saving millions of dollars in saving patient.

Training of clinicians and Health Workforce on medical technology has a critical impact on optimizing the advantages of provision of this technology, not only on patients but also, on productivity and safety of healthcare professionals.

We understand the tight schedule of health professionals, Therefore, FLOW Learning Hub come up with a hybrid training delivery model that range from classroom to online training programs Which provides a flexible training experience to your workforce without interrupting the health services.

It is good to note that significant percentage of FLOW Learning Hub cohort are from Clinical Engineering background with years of experience in healthcare delivery and medical technology management. This advantages strengths our capabilities in providing medical technology safety awareness training programs delivered in the form of orientation, refresher, or focused group post on incident/recall, investigation/corrective & preventative action.



Clinical Training

Management & Leadership Training Programs

Medical Technology is the only option for healthcare providers to make significant gains in productivity and safety. All other avenues will give marginal gains but not the major impact on healthcare systems needs.

Ever raising demands on Healthcare system, skill shortages ,and a growing population require new approaches, sharing knowledge and fresh ideas.

With the government support to adapt new technologies, knowledge shortage of medical technology management, and failure to leverage talent from inside and outside sector have led to many good ideas failing. With a mission to change the landscape, FLOW Learning Hub was born.

We believe leadership skills in the field of health technology management is essential for developing workforce skills. This will enable workforce to perform their job in a friendly environment and co-create value through collaboration of all stakeholders.

Our Management and Leadership training programs covers untouched area in the existing educational programs in the market. Our programs are tailored to develop culture change supported by solid knowledge in medical technology management whilst remaining focused on patient outcomes.

Our programs are delivered to your workforce in the form of classroom or virtual training.

Management & Leadership Training Programs

FLOW & GROW Program aims at developing the knowledge and skills of fresh graduates who seeking career in medical technology management, system engineering, medical technology assessment and planning, and project management.

Our comprehensive programs include different paths that trainee gets to choose to enrol in.

These paths are :

  • Medical Technology Management Path

  • System Engineering Path

  • Medical Technology Assessment Path ( coming soon )

  • Project Management Path ( coming soon )

The program of each path consist of theoretical and on-job trainings that allows the trainee to get trained, coached and work with real professionals in a workplace or healthcare facility set up.

One of the important element in this program is that a well-structured and intensive program that provide the trainees with skills and knowledge required in current and future market. Enabling the trainees to become as professional and knowledgeable as experienced professionals in their field.


FLOW & GROW Program

Flow & Grow
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